Part 146 Training Application

Questions marked with a * are required
Please use this application to have your mediation training course approved to train mediators who wish to serve on trial court-annexed rosters in New York State’s Unified Court System. If the ADR Office approves your course, your information will be posted on the Part 146 Approved Course List on the ADR Office website
Note: If you are applying for approval of a Law School Mediation Clinic, a Graduate School Mediation Clinic, or a CDRC Training, please do not use this application. Please review our Guidelines for Law Schools and CDRCs
In preparation for completing this application, please review: 
  1. The qualifications and training requirements for mediators who serve on trial court rosters governed by Part 146 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge.  
  2. The Mediation Training Curriculum Guidelines that appear on our website. 
  3. Our preferred agenda format. 
  4. The Part 146 Online Mediation Training Guidelines if you are offering this course online, please and incorporate additional pedagogical considerations for online mediation training programs.

Please complete this application in full. You will be prompted to attach a detailed training agenda and complete a supplement application if there's more than one trainer
  • Agendas will be assessed for substantially fulfilling the criteria outlined in the Mediation Training Curriculum Guidelines. Agendas must be formatted chronologically (i.e. in the order in which the training is intended to be delivered) with the following information provided for each distinct module, lesson or part:
  1. Duration,
  2. Topic/Subject,
  3. Training Methodology (e.g. Lecture, Exercise, Skills demo),
  4. Objective (i.e. purpose of the lesson) 
  5. The specific training topic (of those listed in the Mediation Training Curriculum Guidelines) the lesson/part is designed to fulfill (if applicable). Training agendas MUST feature a reference to these guidelines, otherwise they will not be reviewed. This can be accomplished by simply noting the Guideline Section (Paragraph) for each training module (e.g., "II.a"). Please see the preferred agenda format

If this training has only a single trainer, you will also be prompted to upload the resume/bio for the trainer compiled in a single word or pdf document.

If this training has more than one trainer, please have each trainer complete the Part 146 Training Application Supplement

Please submit only one application per training (not per trainer) which includes all of the requested information. 

Please be prepared -- if asked -- to submit a training manual, a video clip, references, or appear for an interview. A member of the ADR Office may also request to observe the training either in whole or in part.  
If you'd like to print or preview the application, here is a pdf version of the application
If you have any questions, please contact us at Part146@nycourts.gov

Thank you. 
Training Information
1.Training Name
2.Type of Course
3.Please share the upcoming dates and location of this training (if scheduled)
4.The New York courts serve a wide variety of litigants, including persons of varying age, race, ethnicity, speakers of other languages, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, religion, socioeconomic and family status. The courts recognize that neutrals with a wide variety of cultural and life experiences enrich the alternate dispute resolution process by bringing diverse perspectives to resolving disputes. Please describe the efforts you will make to recruit diverse registrants, including speakers of languages, other than English, commonly spoken in the county in which your trainees might mediate.